Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Bag and Story behind

Well, after travelling for some days, it was time to open the bag. The kids were curious of things that they would get. Hahaha, actually I didn’t buy much for them. I should admit that I’m a kind of selfish traveler. I buy souvenirs mostly for myself. ;)
I opened my backpack and showed them a plastic bag full of small and colorful pouches. They eyes were glowing. Then came the second plastic bag: key chains. They were also interested. My business with them was done, I thought. And I closed my backpack and went to my room.
Then I stopped when one of them yelled, “You said you went to that Minmie Company. No bags?” Sashi started.
I looked at them, one by one, observing their eyes. “Hmm, there is,” I answered softly.
“Where is it?” Giana asked
“No, no, no. The problem is that I can’t divide one bag with four kids. Can you?”
They looked at each other before they shook their heads.
“But can I just see it?” Nada stared at me.
“Only if you promise to give it back to me.” I folded my hands, waiting for their responses.
A ha! They nodded.
Slowly I took out the silver Minmie bag from my bag. Ah, their eyes were getting bigger. I showed them the three important signatures on the bag. They said something like cool, I wish I had this, etc.
“Not all bags have these signatures?” asked Naca.
“No.” I made it sound serious. “So, that’s another reason why I should keep this only one bag.” I reached out to take the bag, but they were not willing to give it.
“It’s so pretty!”
“Yeah. Very beautiful. Beautiful Minmie.” 
Well, I had to be firm, otherwise..., hmm, I could not imagine. “Okay, I’ll tell them, people who made this, that you love Minmie.” Yup, I got the bag from them. Walking a step away, I realized I needed a picture of them with the bag. “Hey, let’s take  picture with this bag.”
They frowned a while and left me alone.
After two weeks, I got Giana’s picture with the bag. Here's the best shot that I can share :D
The cheerful Minmie and 'depressed' Giana :)


  1. Hahaha. Where is your smile, Giana? :)

  2. Giana, what does your Mom give you for this foto shoot? LOL

  3. ooohh... The poor Giana. Let's hide the bag, Giana! :D

  4. Just be patient a little more, Giana, and you'll get something even better ;)